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Assignments and tests are some of the most distressing things, we all admit that, right? No matter if you’re a back-bencher or a front-row occupant, nobody likes these two things. So we all are in a constant search of short-cuts. And our teachers? Well, they unceasingly try to make us study — efforts of one such teacher-led to the uprise of our today’s topic. In our discussion today, we’re going to get through the issue of how to unblur course hero. But before that, we need to get some basics about what course hero is, straight in our minds.

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unblur course hero
unblur course hero

As I was saying, we all tend to avoid assignments and stuff out of our displeasure. So a teacher based in California thought of making a platform where he could share all the study material with his pupils. 

This little thought led to the invention of course hero, which has now turned out to be the Giant in the world of educational websites.

It all started way back in 2006, that is, 14 years ago. However, two years later, the full-blown version of the Course hero was brought forth.

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What has Course Hero brought? 

It facilitates you to download solutions to tricky questions, tailor-made, and hand-crafted for the needs of students like us. The streams categorize into three parts for easy sorting.

Apart from this, you can get course-books, videos, and all that following the full-length syllabus. What more can one ask? There would be one more thing if all this were less.

You can consult with educationists over here, clear up your doubts by asking all the questions that had been troubling you to sleep.

Platforms like these tend to make our lives a tad more comfortable. Don’t you think so too?


Why not visit the site?

Nothing this wonderful comes without paying the price. So if you don’t own a premium account with course hero, after an extent, the content you download will be blurred. That means you won’t get the whole content.

Of course, you do have a few unlocks, but they won’t be enough if you want loads of stuff.

Talking about the premium account, its priced at 40 dollars for a month of membership, it goes on decreasing gradually to 10 dollars if you get a membership for a whole year.

How to Unblur Course Hero?

Forty dollars are slightly high for only a month. And most of us won’t need the material for as long as a year. So how can we unblur course hero and manage to procure the full material, without paying a fortune? I’m here with some ways out of this. You can give these a try.

Encashing Rewards/Points

It is one of the most trusted methods in the course ofhow to Unblur course hero to aid your studies. You have to do the following to be successful.

  • Get yourself signed up using email/phone number. 
  • Find the option that says Rewards, when you hit it, a file uploader will be there. 
  • Upload a file. It can be any file. By uploading it, you can earn reward points that can be handy in getting your hands on some more unlocks.

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Using Websites 

Only a few websites allow acquiring the premium account for as little as 2 or 3 dollars. So we don’t need to worry about how to unblur course hero to access all we need if we use this particular model. They also allow you to look for the documents you require. 

Not only this, we all know you can’t purchase files/ documents individually on the official website, but this website permits it.

So you can get a premium account, search material you need, and download/purchase more than one of those by copy-pasting the address using the text-box given over there.

Using Free Unlock Tricks

The next step for knowing how to unblur the course hero is using some back-door tricks conveniently. There are a bunch of tasks, completion of each of which, get you a fixed number of unlocks. It gets completed when you have done the following three things:

  1. Give ratings to a total of 5 materials: By rating different materials and also doing this with five copies of content, you get one unlock for each of one that you rate a 5 star.
  2. By uploading ten or more files: This is another way how you can unblur course hero, it can be acquired by uploading several files up to the website. You’ll get your hands on around five unlocks, give or take some. 
  3. Create quizzes: Last but not least, this one is another quick and easy method of how you can unblur course hero by using the three unlock points that you’ll gain if and when you take quizzes available.

Although these steps are mostly fruitful, they won’t do you much good if you’re in a hurry and want to unblur course hero immediately, because all these steps can take a couple of days to work.

Using Icognito

We use incognito for numerous things that we want to go unscathed and undetected. But how do we unblur course hero using this same thing?

Open your incognito window and then copy-paste the address of whatever you require from course hero. Do this to gain a couple more unlocks to your credit. 


So these were all the ways to answer your question of how to unblur course hero. On a finishing note, I’d like to say that, use the website as much as you want, just not to bypass studying for tests. This site can be too tempting with all the splendid stuff available, but be sure not shun studies as cliche as it sounds, it is one good piece of advice.

Keep visiting more such articles. Thank you!

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