How To Find A Saddle In Minecraft? [Best Methods Of 2020]


Saddles in Minecraft come in use to ride horses, pigs, and mules. A saddle in Minecraft is an item that requires to be found in the game. It is usually found inside a chest in a dungeon, temples, or nether fortress. A saddle can also be found while fishing in Minecraft. It is possible that if you’re loaded with loot, then you can trade emeralds with the villagers. Finding a saddle is a time-taking task. Avid fishers have a small chance of finding one. For those who require a saddle immediately, we have some cheat that can be in use to hook you up with one.

Where Can You Find Saddles In Minecraft?

There are a handful of methods of locating a saddle in Minecraft, and there are various strategies to find them around in the game. These are:

Finding Saddles in Chest

Chests are one of the finest ways to find the saddles in Minecraft. The best way to find a saddle is to open every chest you encounter on the way. Not every chest will contain a saddle. However, there are certain areas where finding it is highly likely. 

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Locate A Dungeon

It is another way of adding a saddle to your inventory in survival mode. All you need to do is to locate dungeons. However, there are a few pointers to take care of. Make sure the dungeon you find is underground.

dungeon in minecraft
dungeon in minecraft

Chests in dungeons have a better chance of having a saddle in them. There can be one or two chests in the dungeon. A dungeon has a cobblestone floor and mossy walls. Almost all of the dungeons have chests; the probability of finding a saddle is higher in a dungeon with two chests.

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In A Nether Fortress

Fortresses are one of the most common places to find saddles. For accessing a Nether, you need to build a Nether portal frame using obsidian block.

In a Nether Fortress
In a Nether Fortress

But to survive in the Nether, you need to be very strong as it is dangerous there and you need to have a lot of supplies.

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In A Dessert Temple

Structures are in the desert biome, and the sand may partially or completely cover the floor of the temples. Now, when you find this temple, you should look for a blue clay block in the center of the floor. When you dig this center, you will come across a secret chamber containing four chests. The chances of finding a chest here are 15%, which increases to 24% in 1.9, thereby making it almost certain to a spawn a saddle here. 

In a Dessert Temple
In a Dessert Temple

The important thing here is to be careful about not setting off the pressure plate, as the loot will explode. There is a TNT booby trap underneath the temple, which makes this whole a dangerous situation. However, it has quite a lot of chances to spawn the saddle.

From A Village Blacksmith

Have a high chance of spawning a blacksmith, and once you’ve got your blacksmith, you can look for the Saddle in Minecraft inside the blacksmith’s smith.

From a Village Blacksmith
From a Village Blacksmith

Blacksmiths have a chest in their building, and there is a 16% chance that you can find a saddle in one of these blacksmith’s building chest.

In The Jungle

The jungle has both temples and abandoned mine shafts. These two locations in the jungle spawn chests that can have saddles.

In the jungle
In the jungle

The jungle temple contains two chests, and the abandoned mineshafts have a probability of having multiple chests, depending on what the size of the mineshaft is. This number of chests increases the probability of finding a saddle in any either of these locations.

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Trading For The Chests

Trade With A Leatherworker

Minecraft on the computer or console version, you can trade emeralds for items and vice-versa. Since this is possible, by completing all the available trades, there opens up an additional trade opportunity. The leatherworker villager can trade Saddle in Minecraft as a third-tier trade opinion. Thus, you can exchange your items or emeralds with a leatherworker villager to get a saddle in return.

This trade included emeralds, and you need to found enough emeralds. There are approximately 9-10 of them to unlock the saddle. Emeralds can be found during mining, chests, or further trading.

Fishing For A Saddle In Minecraft

Fishing A Saddle

It is one of the ways to spawn saddle. However, the chances are low in here to find a saddle. This shouldn’t necessarily be taken up as the primary method of getting a saddle.

Fishing a saddle
Fishing a saddle

However slim the chances are here to find a fish, if you have fished for quite a lot, then there is a possibility of finding a saddle. 

Cheating To Get The Cheat Codes

Apart from all of these ways, you can enable cheats so that they can help in finding saddle quickly. Apart from this, it is important to check for the “Enable Cheats” version. Now depending on the world you’ve created or wish to create, you can enable cheats. If the machine is new, this can be set up during the installation of the new machine, while if the machine is already present, then you can click on “Open to LAN” and toggle “allow eats” on.


We hope this way of creating a Saddle in Minecraft helps you in making your way through the game and also help find how the things work and eventually winning it. These small little ways of finding a saddle help a lot in getting to know the game better and making a better strategy. We hope these tips help you with your game. Happy Gaming!!


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