Easiest Ways to Refund a Game on Steam


Steam is one more gaming stage. The contrast among Steam and some other gaming stages are that it additionally incorporates third party games. Prior to the release in 2003, it was the only software that could automatically update the games of Valve, its creator.

The rest of the functions got featured over time as updates. However, if you want to know about the easiest ways to refund a game on Steam, then this article is the right choice for your requests. 

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Refund a Game on Steam

Not everything that we buy on the web accompanies a refunding approach. Steam is different. On the off chance that you had obtain a game on Steam that you do not wish to play, you are in luck.

Steam has a policy for refunding. This request is bound to register on Steam appropriately to prevent any dismissal. Our bit by bit direct will be useful to you for getting a refund a game on Steam.

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Let’s get started

  • First, you need to log in to Steam to avail of the refund for the game. It is because of the undeniable explanation that the refunds does not proceed without it. It is how the program developed for work.

Note – You need to log in just while getting to Steam on the web browser. That too only if you didn’t save your login details earlier.

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  • On the top left of the main screen of Steam, you will notice an option ‘Help.’ Click on this option.
  • A drop-down menu appears. Select the first option that is ‘Steam Support’.
  • Now, you have to select the game for which you are looking to get a refund. 
  • If it is among the last 3 to 4 games played by you, then it will appear under the Recent Products menu. If not, then click on ‘Purchases’.
Steam Help
Steam Help
  • The list of purchases may extend depending on the number of games you have purchased in history. It will display everything sold and bought on Steam. Find the game for the refunding procedures.
Steam Help Purchases
Steam Help Purchases
  • Click on that game when it is located.
  • A pop up will appear on the screen. This pop up will ask you about the problem or trouble you have related to the game. To be precise, the pop up says, “What issues are you having with this purchase?”
Problems with product
Problems with product
  • Two options will be available: 
  1. I want a refund
  2. I have a question about this purchase

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Click on the first option that is option ‘1’ – I would like a refund.

  • You would confirm again about the final decision regarding the refund or if you would like to your problems fixed instead. If your choice is final regarding to refund a game on Steam, click on – “I would like to get a refund.”
  • Now, Steam checks if you are eligible to be given a refund or not. If your request complies with the eligibility of refund a game of steam or not. 
  • On the approval of refund by Steam, it displays that Steam does not allow refunds, but to serve you fairly, it shall allow it.
  • You get a chance to choose the format in which you wish to get refund a game of Steam.
  • Two options would be available. Either the refund enters to the transaction method or the Steam Wallet.
  • Next, Steam will ask you the reason you wish to get a refund. Several common reasons enlists on your screen. Select one of them if they are valid for the case. If not, type a short message stating the reason.

A Few Last Steps to Refund a Game on Steam

  • A button is given on the left side of the screen “Submit a request,” click on it. The work on the user’s part accomplishes.


  • After this, Steam will send an email to the email address to the registered account. This email will state about the request in state of receiving and reviewing. 
  • If Valve finds no objection in the application, it is followed by another email for approval. The duration may vary depending on the method chosen.

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User eligibility to get a refund for a game on Steam

  • It is critical to know the criteria of qualification to ensure that the solicitation for a refund does not deny. The measures of refund a game on Steam is possibly acknowledged if the request registers within 14 days from the purchase of the game.
  • Planning to play the game for a while with a request to refund for the same later may result in an unsuccessful strategy. Odds are that this will make your request illegitimate. Any game which is played for over 2 hours becomes eligible for non-qualification of refund policy.

The Information About Misusing the Refund Policy

This was about the Steam games, not the outsider games accessible on Steam. The games acquired from them do not offer any sort of refund. Valve says that you are misusing the refund policy. 

A game purchased in a bundle may not be refundable. While the solicitation may get acknowledges, the client will not get a full refund.


Steam is more extravagant in quality than other gaming stages. Also, it offers the users to experience a genuine store. You can return the product from the stores within a specific period, the game follows the same policy.

It requests that the clients fill the explanation behind their discount demands. Also, it encourages them to improve their quality by correcting the issues in the game.

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When the criteria of refund do not satisfy, Steam acknowledges the solicitation. Although, they may dismiss it later over email. Therefore, it is all that you ought to know about to get a refund for a game on Steam. 



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