How To Make A Shirt On Roblox [Complete Guide]


Games have, for a long time, been a way for humans to cultivate new friendships. Apart from that, they provide means of fun and frolic, hence ensuring diversion from the troubles and monotony of daily life. In this article, you’ll learn about how to make a shirt on Roblox.

Humans have always engaged enthusiastically in all kinds of games. 

The games, then, involved physical activities like running, jumping, throwing, so on and so forth. Then the times turned over their heads. 

People, now, don’t like to move much. They want something which can be played sitting on their couches, without any compromise in the fun factor.

Many games that we play today are the product of this thinking. One such game goes by the name “ROBLOX.” 

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About Roblox

It is a very modernized game. can be played over the internet online and that too by several people at one time. Roblox happens to be a game comprising of many sports.

It supports everything from mobiles to laptops and everything in between. This game involves the use of imagination and creativity. Aid your creativity, think out of the box, and it allows you to bring that world of your dreams to life.

Created and launched some 14 years back, Roblox has been taking the world by storm owing to its excellent points and liberal way of playing. These include enabling you to produce your products, games, attires, and even goes to the extent of allowing you to earn actual money. How fantastic does that sound?

It allows you to design shirts, tees, trousers of various designs and kinds, etc.


Moving on, I will tell you about an exciting part of this game, which is how to make a shirt on Roblox. Yes, you heard that right, I’ll let you know how you can create a shirt and that too all by yourself.

Let us get right to it without any delay to make a shirt on Roblox.

A Complete Step By Step Procedure On How To Make A Shirt On Roblox Game

Several products can be generated, loaded on the site, and given up to be sold to make a shirt on Roblox. Thus allowing the users/gamers to make some earnings, along with having fun. Could there be anything better?

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can make a shirt on Roblox. I have carefully broken down the process that shows you how you can make that much-wanted product, into a bunch of steps.

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  • So, first thing first, you can either go to their page (“”). This can be done by typing the address in your browser’s search bar. Alternatively, you can download their app, which is available on play store and app stores of your mobile phones
  • After you get to the game, you cannot proceed or take part in any activity without logging in. So, go ahead and fill in your credentials to gain entry. In case you have no user account to make your shirt (or anything), you have to create one.                           
  • Once you are done, search for the section labeled My Creations. Clicking on that will make several options pop-out, like shoes, t-shirts, trousers, etc. From all these choices, you have to select the one which says shirts. To make shirts on Roblox, we are utilizing the in-game templates. 

    Follow Further Steps

  • Having done the preceding step, you’ll have shirt templates open on your screens. There will be various templates to choose from. Choose whichever you like or whichever catches your fancy.
  • You can see that template indicated will convert into the product i.e., shirt. Various folds and wraps and noted which way they will turn to make the shirt.
  • After you decide which template you are going to choose, you have to save it to your computers. The same drill follows when downloading a picture. How is that?
  • Click the right button of your mouse, out of the options that pop up, select the one saying “save image as.” After you click on it, your computer’s memory locations will open.

Do Same As Mentioned Below

  • Browse and choose the location where you want your file to be saved. After that name the file, remember to name it in a way that helps you to remember it later. That way, you can locate it then very quickly.
  • One half of the procedure of making a shirt on Roblox will now finish.
  • We all have photo editors on our systems. So what you have to do is, open that template you saved in the environment of this editor.
  • You can use the editor of your choice. Then you can edit it the way you want your shirt to turn out. You can add sketches, drawings and give the shirt color of your choice.

Having done the alterations, save the modifications that you made. This is the way you can make a shirt on Roblox.

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What Is Fun?

Ok, now what is the fun of learning to make products if you can’t do anything with them? Can’t even upload them back? So why not take advantage of the uploading feature, show our creativity and earn prizes (in cash)?

But there is a pre-requisite, you have to become a member by paying a sum, based on duration variant. Only then can you upload back your creations over to the game.

Lets us very quickly see how you can load self-made products on Roblox and showcase your talent to make a shirt on Roblox.

Follow The Steps To Showcase Your Creations:

  1. Go back to where you found the shirt templates.
  2. Therein, you can spot a file uploader. Select your edited file.
  3. Hit the upload button after having chosen the file.
  4. After it has been made sure that the product is appropriate. It follows all the standards by the people who run the game. Hence, it will permit and get uploaded.

The Conclusion To Make A Shirt On Roblox

So that is how you can make a shirt on Roblox of different designs, patterns, textures, and colors.

So go on playing, earning while you lounge on your couches. This game, as I said, is available as a website and on various app stores.

I hope the article is helpful to you. Keep visiting for more such stuff as similar to make a shirt on Roblox.

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