How to Remove Yourself from Whitepages Easily [Complete Guide]


Privacy is such a controversial issue nowadays. Hold that thought because our topic of discussion today is how to remove yourself from whitepages. Whitepages and privacy, it’ll be safe to say, are like north and south. Why do I say that? Allow me to enlighten you about whitepages.

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What are Whitepages?

So, whitepages is a platform that maintains the log of over 90% of people residing in the states. What just started as a hobby, 23 years back, has become one of the major sites for finding information. The site allows you the facility to look people up and see all their data. 

The information can start from their phone numbers and goes up to address and other sensitive information.

That was about the free version. Some people are more severe than just looking someone up for fun. They may require information for criminal or investigative purposes. For those people, there is the Premium version of whitepages, which provides more advanced knowledge. Also, there are a lot more filters and quicker results. 

Things start going south when a criminal uses that information to stalk someone. Its all ok till someone ends us misusing the data, and then its all a massive breach of privacy.


So, they have figured out a method, using which, you can protect your information, and consequently, your privacy. The technique allows you to remove yourself from whitepages. Yes, you heard that right, remove yourself. Vanish. Disappear. Just like that!! So have to follow some necessary steps for learning how to remove yourself from whitepages!!

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The Removal Guide for Whitepages 

So, yes, there are ways if you want to be Mr. India and vanish from the whole scene. It’s mostly for your good. Besides, it hurts no one to be a little extra careful. So, go on, follow the steps for knowing how to remove yourself from whitepages.

How to Remove Yourself from Whitepages [Free Version]

  • The first step you have to take for how to remove yourself from whitepages is, fire up your web browser. Then, type in the address bar whitepages and hit enter.
  1. The link will take you to their official website. It is a pleasing looking page that has a text box with search functionality, right in the middle.
  2. You can see various options where you can search for businesses, people, etc. Also, it allows you to narrow the search down by adding locations, Area code, etc.
  • In that text box, type your name to find yourself for how to remove yourself from whitepages later. Once you do it, press go. Then wait while it processes your request. Once you get the right results, copy the address of your record. 
  • The third step for how to remove yourself from whitepages prompts you to get to the page that hosts the opt-out option. Once you reach that part, paste the address that you copied and hit the option which is labeled the same.

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  • After you hit the opt-out button, you have to choose the switch, saying, “remove me.” Don’t forget to select a reason, though it is optional. It is always good practice to do so.
  • In the next step, towards how to remove yourself from whitepages, you have to verify yourself. The verification of identity mostly takes place over the phone call—the right old procedure where they ask for your number. You get the request call, and then there is the automatic verification using the OTP.
  • If your call can’t get through, then you may have to use the code to help it get through. Some call spam blockers are known to do it to ensure safety.

What to Do If the Problem Doesn’t Resolve?

Once finished with the above process, go back to the website. Search for your name again, and it won’t show your details. Thus it completes the step, using which you can learn how to remove yourself from whitepages.

How to Remove Yourself from Whitepages [Premium Version]

If we talk about removal from the premium service logs, there are minor changes with that:

  1. When you find the record in premium searches, there is a button that allows you to go through the full-fledged profile. Hit that button. Then again, copy the address. Your next destination, in trying for how to remove yourself from whitepagesis the support page.
  2. The step requires you to fill in the form with your primary details. 

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The whole process about how to remove yourself from whitepages takes slightly longer than the free one. Let us say around three days, but once done, no one can find you on whitepages.


No longer you need to worry about your safety. One more thing, if your name appears on whitepage more than once, then you need to do the steps for each occurrence. On that note, we have reached the end of the article. So take the measures to ensure your safety and stay tuned for more such content!!

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