How To Add Grammarly To Word In Few Simple Steps


Let’s start at the top. What is Grammarly? Grammarly is an application that helps you with all the grammar-related content and is a helping hand to improvise on your English proficiency. This application is not only used by the person who wants to improve his or her English, but it is also used by the most professional people in the world. I n this article, we will tell you how to add Grammarly to Word.

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It is indeed considered as one of the best applications when you want to recorrect, reframe, check or improve on your English language. Also, it is mostly in the usage of content writers and writers in general from all around the world.


It is considered to be an application that genuinely gives you outstanding results out of this application. People around are happy by the way this application work and have experienced/witnessed the effect on their own. This application plays a vital role in the corporate sector, where writers and producers are working.

It is used by an individual for his or her personal work or professional work as well. It is also used in corporate sectors nowadays. The Grammarly application had to make sure that none of its visitors will be left disappointed, and they are on their Word. Hardly anybody has complained about the output of the application.


Go on reading to know how to add Grammarly to Word.

How To Add Grammarly To Word?

So let’s head towards our topic, that is, how to add Grammarly to Word?

Adding Grammarly to Word is not a task if you are a tech-savvy person, but even though you are not so, I will make sure that every detail has been cleared, and I reach out to each of your doubts and give out a precise process about adding Grammarly to your Word.

Let us begin with the first step as to how to add Grammarly to Word.

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Visit The Official Website Of Grammarly

The very first and the necessary step to add Grammarly to a word document is to visit the official website of Grammarly that is in your browser. The only official website will help you to install the Grammarly application into your Word. Also, visiting the official website of the required form is absolutely and always a trustworthy and reliable option. Also, it will give you positive directions for further steps.


I hope you are getting closer to how to add Grammarly to Word.

See For Required Option

After completing step one, scroll to the last down of the page where you will find several kinds of options. Where in you have to see for your required choice, and that is ‘Grammarly for MS word.’ There will be other options available, as well. But make sure there is no confusion to find what’s required for you. Grammarly for MS word’ option is available just below the product option. So this is how you will see for your required choice. I hope you are getting closer to how to add Grammarly to Word.

Click On The Required Option

Now that you have found your required option right-click on it so that you are ready for your next steps.

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The Option Of Downloading

After completing with step number 3, that is clicking on the required option, and you will come across the option of downloading. Select the option of ‘free downloading.’ This option comes as a pop up to you right in the center of the screen in the bright red color.


So without missing on it, click for the free download option.

Create A Grammarly Account

To move forward in the process, you are suppose to have a Grammarly account. So our next step is to create a Grammarly account. After clicking on the option of free download, you have to log in if you already have an account, or else you will have to sign up for the same. For signing up, you have to fill in your necessary details like name, eMail address, your password, and that’s it. You are good to go for your next step. I hope you are getting closer to how to add Grammarly to Word.


After completing the process of signing up or signing in, the Grammarly installer should start to download. Just in case if the downloading does not take place, click on the option of “downloading Grammarly for MS office,” and this option will be present at the top of the screen and then click on the save file option if you are prompted with it. This will surely take you in the right direction for downloading the installer.

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Have A Look In Your Downloads Folder

When you install Grammarly, you will find it in your downloads folder. And which is why the very next step is to have a visit on your downloads folder. You will see that your installation is successful.

Tip- A quick way to find the Grammarly installer into your downloads folder is by pressing Win+E and later click on the download option in your left panel of the screen.

Look For GrammarlyAddinSetup

This is a file available in a green color icon along with a white G that you can find inside. Coming ahead to this, a security warning will pop up. I hope you are getting closer to how to add Grammarly to Word.

Run Option

The next step after doing so is clicking on the run button to take the process ahead. This will inevitably open the Wizard of Grammarly installer.

Get Started!!

Now you are almost there. Pro the above-mentioned step, you will see a list of products that’s related to Grammarly in regarding with Microsoft office.


That will appear. I hope you are getting closer to how to add Grammarly to Word.

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Select The Most Required Option

Now, you will come across different options wherein you have to select Grammarly for Word. This is to help you learn the further process. You will also come across the options if you want to add Grammarly to any other of your applications, and you can select that as well if that’s your need.

See For Installation

The Grammarly adding will install to the Microsoft word or to any other applications if you have selected.I hope you are getting closer to how to add Grammarly to Word.

Now at the bottom, you will see a text of congratulations and click on the finish option when you do Grammarly.

Head Towards Microsoft Now

Open your Microsoft word and click on the enable option that would be provided for Grammarly account. And this is how you can start using Grammarly for your Word.

It’s always preferable to have something like this when your typing and adding details in your word files. It just like Thesaurus but does a lot more than just giving out synonyms for simpler words. Once you add this to your device’s “Word,” every sentence, Word, spelling, or as a whole, your grammar is under continuous inspection and asks to rectify or replace. It can be added to any app for that matter of fact, but Word is the topic of discussion today. Also, it has a lot of advantages like; it makes your work quicker and more comfortable, it improves your hand over the language and lets you learn, and you can also change the language to any style of your interest or region. I hope you are getting closer to how to add Grammarly to Word.


With the Grammar rectifier, fast connectivity with any apps, being a good teacher or guide for the user/users and their options of a wide array of languages, it becomes one of the most significant applications to download, and add to any desired apps(in this case, Word.)
So, I hope I have cleared all your doubts and queries on how to add the “Grammarly” application to “Word.” I hope you are getting closer to how to add Grammarly to Word.

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