5 Best Ways to Get Free Instagram Account in 2019


Photography is one of the finest art in the world. Many people are born with such photographic talents that their click can leave you in awe. The moment is just a click far to be captured to become a memory. Such art should not go in vain, and thus, Instagram is a place which you can make use of. Not only the celebrities but the bloggers and vloggers are making good use of the social media platforms available. This article will help you get Free Instagram account.

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What is Instagram?

Instagram is one such famous app where you can let the world know your worth and skills. With the technology advancement and the increasing number of internet users, social media platforms have been in a rising graph in connecting people across the globe.
Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is also one of the most used application, especially by the vloggers. Not only they get to show their skills and passion for people but also make money in that process.

With more than 800 million people having an account in Instagram and around 400 million users using the app every day, it has become a conventional and most useful means of promotion. It can give you an unexpectedly large number of audience.

In addition to using Instagram for promotion, you can also use it to socialize and connect with friends and relatives through texts. If one opts photography as a career, then Instagram is the initial place, where he/she should begin with. It can take you to great heights with a huge number of followers. Your Instagram account is the first thing that the judges will see as an example of your portfolio. They will browse through your collection, followers base, skills, and your public reach. Let us know more about Instagram and the methods of getting a free Instagram account.

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Introduction to Instagram

Instagram, also known as IG, is a social networking service primarily used for photos and video-sharing. Facebook owns it. The photos and videos can be edited with filters before adding to the service. Instagram users can browse other users’ contents. Users can tag, add a location, people, and also edit their post. The followers can like their posts which are notified in the feeds. The IGTV is a vertical video application by Instagram. It was initially introduced for iOS, but later for Android as well.

Since it is basically a photography platform, it provides the armature and the professionals an excellent opportunity to showcase their talent. Their work reaches people on a global platform.


With a large audience, business tools and Instagram Ads, stories and such other additional features, Instagram is becoming a must-have platform in social media marketing.

You can start by creating a free Instagram account and increase the followers by sending follow request to other people and friends through your Facebook friends list. The account can be personal as well as business account.

As the main weight of an Instagram business account lies in the number of followers. You can start with the free Instagram account. However, there are other methods too but can be either too costly or quite lengthy.

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How to Get a Free Instagram Account

Method 1: Instagram Username and Passwords List

Some websites provide long lists of free account id and password. You can use these account username and password to log in and then start with a good followers base.

Instagram Username and Passwords
Instagram Username and Passwords

Method 2: With Swagbucks

Along with Swagbucks ,you can spontaneously get a Free Premium Account along with gift cards, cash and much more. All you have to do is sign up using this link.

Perform the following steps:

  • Signup on Swagbucks utilizing your personal email id.
  • You will get a confirmation email after a few moments, click on the verification link.
  • And that is all!
  • You can obtain as many accounts as your heart desires! So, go berserk!

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Method 3: InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another platform which provides a way to access the premium account and gets you rewarded with premium stuff such as gifts, cash cards, bonuses, and many more.

Just follow the below steps:

  • Access this link.
  • A pop-up menu will surface in which you have to enter your mail id and a password.
  • You will get a confirmation mail just click on it and start enjoying.
  • Gain the free account in your mail!

Sign Up for InboxDollars Now   

Method 4: Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a platform through which you can get your Premium Account by just completing tasks and earning cash rewards, and gifts. The steps are:

Just do:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Open this link.
  • Enter your email id and password in the pop-up menu available on the right corner of the screen and click on Sign-Up.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie
  • A verification link will be in your mail. Click on it.
  • You will be instantly given the free account.
  • You can repeat the above steps with different mail ids, passwords, and use the services offered by this company.

Sign Up for Survey Junkie Now   

Method 5: Free Instagram Account

Creating a free Instagram account is quite simple. But expanding the number of followers is quite difficult when you are just a beginner. Until and unless you have good, eye-catching posts or posts based on current fashion, you can have a tough time gathering the followers’ list. However, if you get an account that is already having even if a not strong but significant number of followers, it can be an excellent start for you.

Your followers’ list will boost up in this case. Your latest posts will also prevent the followers from unfollowing. It isn’t of much importance when you are using it for personal use, but when it comes to business account, the followers matter the most. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether the followers are original or dummy accounts. If you have to start your career or profession with a good base, this won’t affect you. You will find login details of many unused accounts on Instagram.

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Features of Free Instagram Account

In addition to the numerous features available on Instagram, you get many other benefits in a free Instagram account.

Everyone knows how long it takes to build a large followers count in an Instagram account. If you start with the free Instagram account, you start with a vast number of followers whose importance only a person using business account will understand.

You begin with a large followers list that adds into the base of your account aiding in quick availability of swipe up, adding a link and other features.

The Instagram app is available for free on Android and iOS devices. It can be accessed from the Instagram website as well, but generally, the app is preferred by most.
Take a step further in your career goals or business goals to reach out to a broader audience.


These days, the social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger have gained popularity leaving behind Facebook. People prefer these platforms for social media marketing and socializing with others. It has more significant user traffic than other platforms (excluding Twitter although).

Other than just posting your pics and contents, this is also a place to discover people of like mind and interact with them. With increasing new features for the users, it is continuously seeking new heights. Thus, this place is best for the people who want to start marketing.

With the free Instagram account with huge followers base, other business tools, and ads you can gain a recognizable account that too at an affordable cost.

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