How to Get Free Netflix Cookies in 2019 [Best Method]


Netflix! It has been a life saver for a lot of students around the world. You must have heard about Netflix at least once in your lifetime. It is a video streaming service, which requires subscription (monthly or weekly) to view content on their app/website. Yes, they ask you for your money to take full advantage of their services. A regular trade, right? But in this world of technology we live in, people have various ways through which they can bypass the ‘Payment’ part, and view the content directly on Netflix. That’s what we are here for! I will be describing you ways to get Free Netflix cookies! You can say Thanks later on.

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History of Netflix

As I mentioned above, in layman’s terms, Netflix is a video streaming service. It was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings & Marc Randolf in Scotts California. And as of April 2019, they have 148 million paid subscribers worldwide! Yes, people, they make a lot of money! They are considered No. 1 in the business of Video Streaming. They provide quality content to their consumers. They give you a 30-day free trial ere you start paying for their services.

Free Netflix Cookies

What is Netflix?

Netflix is available almost everywhere in the world! Except for China, Syria, North Korea, & Crimea. They don’t know what they are dropping out on because of some laws that prevail in their country which don’t allow Netflix. It has its offices in the Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, South Korea & India. Can you believe Netflix was founded for selling and renting DVDs? But since 2012, their growth has become a car with no brakes. They have been the producers and distributors for both Web Series and Movies under the title ‘Netflix Originals’.

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With Free Netflix Cookies, you can watch their Series, Movies, etc. anytime, anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet Connection. Well, Netflix solved that problem when they released their app with the ‘Download’ feature. You can download any of their shows to your phone and watch them even if you are offline. Trust me this helps a lot in flights. Just take out your device, and start watching!

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As I said above, Netflix has subscriptions (unfortunately). These subscriptions can have various durations. You can subscribe to Netflix on the basic monthly, weekly, or yearly subscription. You have to put your Debit or Credit card details for obvious reasons. Also, they have an Auto-Renewal Feature which Renews your subscription automatically at the end of your subscription period and deducts the amount automatically.

Features of A Netflix Account

Well, a Netflix account has many features. As I can’t state all of them, I’ll tell you about the ones which I think are the best amongst all of them.

Early Access To New Features of Free Netflix cookies: Like me, I guess everyone loves to have new features before they are released to the rest of the world. Well, don’t worry, Netflix lets you do that very quickly. Just go to your account page, and go to ‘Test Participation’, and just turn on that option. Now you’ll have the latest features before anyone else gets them!


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Unidentified Activity: Well, we live in a world where hackers present everywhere. And there’s a chance your Netflix account might get hacked, so, if you see any Unidentified Activity under ‘Recent Activity’ section in your account page, you can just click on ‘Sign Out of All Devices’ and that hacker gets kicked. Easy right?

Ratings: Netflix lets you rate what you watch on their website/app. Give the series/movie a thumbs up if you like it, or a ‘thumbs down’ if you didn’t. This lets Netflix recommend you better shows and series on the basis of what you want.

If you can’t pay, end it!: Watched all your favorite shows before the end of your subscription period? Or maybe you don’t have time to watch them, and there’s still time left for the end of your subscription. In these cases, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want to cancel it. Keep in mind, Netflix won’t refund you your money.

How To Get Free Netflix Cookies?

The main part which we are here for! As I stated above, there are ways through which people bypass the payment part. We can do that in many ways. One of them is to use Netflix Cookies.

Let me tell you what Free Netflix cookies are. Cookies as we know, are the data which is stored in the cache memory of our browser. You must have seen websites asking you to grant permission for the use of cookies. And when you accept that, the website drops a cookie file in your browser, which basically helps to improve the user experience when the person visits the same website later on. So the moment you enter your username and password on Netflix, it is stored in the browser in the form of cookies.

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How To Use Netflix Cookies?

Now, I’ll explain how you can get premium account by using Free Netflix Cookies. Follow the step-by-step guide, and you are good to go.

Step 1

Download a browser extension called ‘EditThisCookie’. You’ll easily be able to find it with a search on Google. Wait for the browser to enable the extension and add it to the toolbar.

Step 2

Once the extension is added to the browser, click on it from the toolbar. Now from the dropdown menu, click on the import button.

Step 3

Now, Google comes in to play. Search google with the keywords ‘Free Netflix Cookies’. Once you find them, copy any cookie and paste it in the empty box of the extension (the one which came after clicking on the import button) and click on the ‘Yes’ button.

Step 4

Wait for a few moments so that the PC imports the Free Netflix cookies successfully. Once they are imported successfully, Open the Netflix Website, and now you’ll automatically be logged in to the premium account. Enjoy Netflix without paying anything!


Easy right? Here I told you everything about Free Netflix Cookies, how good it is, what are its features, and everything which a person should know who’s entering the Netflix World and isn’t interested in paying for the service.

Also, I would like to suggest some shows as now basically Netflix is free for you guys, I don’t think you guys will stop anytime soon.

Thirteen reasons why, The Rain, Riverdale, Daredevil, etc. are just some of the few fantastic shows Netflix has to offer. I hope you guys liked how I just planned your weekends, and the times when the boredom kicks in, you know where to go! Netflix and Chill!


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