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Minecraft is a Swedish sandbox video game by Markus Persson and developed by Mojang. Markus Persson is the founder of Mojang as well. Mojang is a video game developer and publisher which was founded in 2009 and Minecraft came in 2011. Company’s headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden. This article will help you get Free Minecraft Account.

A sandbox video game is the one where the player can create, modify, and even destroy an environment. The term is from a child’s sandbox where the child can make or destroy anything, with no particular objective. This implies tinecraft, follohat even in Mwing a target or not depends upon the players’ discretion, allowing for more flexibility.

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game which offers its players five different modes as well. The modes are as follows:

story mode
story mode

Survival Mode

Under this, a player needs to collect natural things from the environment like stone, wood, etc. to build a shelter at night. A Shelter is required for protection against monsters that spawn near the character. There’s a health and hunger bar as well. Health bar gets depleted if the character faces any injury. Hunger bar also needs to be replenished from time to time to keep the character in good health.

Creative Mode

This mode can be used by the player when s/he wants to focus on building larger projects. As in this mode, the character has access to all resources and also the ability to fly freely in the game World. The character is immune to any damage and not affected by hunger as well.


Adventure Mode

This mode introduces custom maps and adventures for the player with various player restrictions as well. With these additional factors, it’s similar to survival mode in other ways.

Spectator Mode

Spectator mode gives the player the ability to fly. No direct interaction takes place and players can teleport to other players, or even view from other player’s perspective or creature. With Free Minecraft Account can see other players achievements but can’t make any changes to it. This mode is only available in Java or PC edition.

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In this game mode, multiple players can play the game at the same time and also interact with each other.

How to Get Free Minecraft Account

As mentioned earlier, any edition of Minecraft would require you to buy a premium account so that you are able to download and play the game. But there are ways through which you can have the privileges of a premium account without actually paying for it. Ways that will help you get Free Minecraft Account are as follows

Minecraft Login Page
Minecraft Login Page

Method 1: Trial and Error Method

You can login to Minecraft via any one of these Free Minecraft Account. Trial and error method will work to verify which account works.

Method 2: With Swagbucks

Along with Swagbucks ,you can spontaneously get a Free Premium Account along with gift cards, cash and much more. All you have to do is sign up using this link.

Perform the following steps:

  • Signup on Swagbucks utilizing your personal email id.
  • You will get a confirmation email after a few moments, click on the verification link.
  • And that is all!
  • You can obtain as many accounts as your heart desires! So, go berserk!

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Method 3: InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another platform which provides a way to access the premium account and gets you rewarded with premium stuff such as gifts, cash cards, bonuses, and many more.

Just follow the below steps:

  • Access this link.
  • A pop-up menu will surface in which you have to enter your mail id and a password.
  • You will get a confirmation mail just click on it and start enjoying.
  • Gain the free account in your mail!

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Method 4: Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a platform through which you can get your Premium Account by just completing tasks and earning cash rewards, and gifts. The steps are:

Just do:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Open this link.
  • Enter your email id and password in the pop-up menu available on the right corner of the screen and click on Sign-Up.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie
  • A verification link will be in your mail. Click on it.
  • You will be instantly given the free account.
  • You can repeat the above steps with different mail ids, passwords, and use the services offered by this company.

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Method 5: Using Nulled.to

Many websites offer Free Minecraft Account, but these accounts instead of giving you the privileges of a premium account may turn out to be fake and may also provide such files that can harm your computer.

Nulled.to is a website that can be considered as authentic and will provide you accounts without downloading anything. The method is as follows

  1. Go to nulled.to (https://www.nulled.to/) and click on ‘Create Account’ at the upper right-hand side.
  2. Enter the details asked for and check captcha. Press Enter.
  3. Now, you need to confirm your Free Minecraft Account with the confirmation link sent to you.
  4. After you click on the link, your account will get verified and you will successfully register with nulled.to.
  5. After verification, log in with your credentials and go to the “gaming” section.
  6. There you’ll find a lot of games. Navigate to Minecraft.
  7. You will find a list of Free Minecraft Account that you need to verify through trial and error till you find the one that works.
    Using one or both of these ways, you will be able to find an account that will work and provide you the features and benefits of a premium account without actually paying for it.

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Features of Minecraft Account

Minecraft allows users to create a world of their own. They can build or create a town or city of their choice, fueling their creativity and imagination. Prior to November 2012, Minecraft account was separate and player login was via a username. But after that, Minecraft account was merged with Mojang account and now players need to log in via their email addresses to their Mojang account. Now players use Mojang account to play minecraft. Mojang uses a single account for accessing all the games available at Mojang.

Minecraft Official Site
Minecraft Official Site

Minecraft has regular and premium accounts. Monthly accounts are made when the player registers and makes an account, but is not able to download or play the games. For downloading and playing Minecraft, a player needs to purchase the premium account. Payment depends upon the edition. After making the purchase you can select a Minecraft username and log into the game. If you already own an old Minecraft premium account, it can now be migrated to Mojang account. The regular accounts that were created and didn’t purchase the game were deleted in February 2015.

Some of the features that a Minecraft account offers are as follows

  • Changeable and customizable skins for characters.
  • Saving the game at any level.
  • New characters.
  • Latest premium version – Minecraft 2019
  • Option to transfer funds to game developers.


You will find a lot of Free Minecraft Account generators as well. But be aware of these, as these are a hoax and are there just to hack your Minecraft account. So exercise caution when you come across such things.

Also if you still haven’t migrated your Free Minecraft account to a Mojang account, kindly do so as this will provide you more benefits like ability to change your email address and Minecraft username, use your Minecraft username for other Mojang games, enhanced account security, ability to change Minecraft skin and cape, and access to Minecraft Realms.

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