7 Best Ways to Get A Free Hulu Account in 2019


This era, the current period, the age we live in, is the era of getting what you demand. Well, within reason, of course. It, therefore, stands to reason that over-the-top and video-on-demand channels and apps only thrive and prosper. One such online channel, which is currently functional only in the United States and in Japan, is Hulu. And thus, getting a Free Hulu Account is a must!

What is Hulu?

HULU is an American entertainment company which provides over-the-top content streaming services, primarily of all the current shows from every major US Broadcast network. It allows the user to stream past and current episodes of television series and other ongoing series from its owners’ respective television networks, like NBCUniversal, 21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company, CBS Corporation, etc. It also hosts a library of hit TV series, movies, and Hulu Originals also.


Hulu and Hulu Plus

The only difference between Hulu and Hulu Plus is the amount of content accessible to the viewer. Hulu Plus, after having been subscribed to for a certain amount, offers you access to all episodes of all, current and past, seasons of TV shows. On the other hand, Hulu, which can be accessed free of cost, offers the viewer access only to the last five episodes of the same TV shows available on Hulu Plus.

So, while Hulu will provide you with access to ongoing shows, Hulu Plus, would be the obvious choice if one wishes to watch old classics like Seinfeld and X-Files. Hulu Plus has also been venturing into making original and exclusive content like Moone Boy, Deadbeat and Spoilers with Kevin Smith.


Free Hulu Account Username & Password Generator

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Your Account is Ready!

Click on “Download Now” to download your account details from the above link. You might complete an offer to download the file.

Features of a Hulu Plus Account

In addition to offering unlimited access to all episodes to all seasons of ongoing and past series, a Free Hulu Account Plus subscription ensures:

  • That you have at your fingertips’ access, exclusively, the most comprehensive library of Criterion Collection available on any streaming device.
  • That along with being able to be viewed on a computer by means of a web browser, the entire library can be just as easily be accessed on any Android, iOS or Windows 8 mobile device.
  • That the viewer can view all that Hulu has to offer on smart TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and streaming players like Apple TV and Chromecast.

How to Get A Free Hulu Account

Below are some methods for you to Login into a Hulu Free Account. Just give it a go now.


Method 1: Hulu Free Account Usernames & Passwords [Premium List]

Method 2: Swagbucks

By using Swagbucks, you can quickly get yourself free premium stuff along with cash, gift cards and much more.

Just follow the steps as instructed:


  1. At first, you have to signup on the official page which will pop up with your email ID.
  2. You will soon get a confirmation mail a few seconds later. Just click on the confirmation link.
  3. That’s it! You can use this know-how as many times as you want.

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Method 3: InboxDollars

InboxDollars, a platform which allows you to get the free account with the help of gifts, cash cards, and bonuses. The steps to be followed are:

  • A verification link will be sent to your mail click on it.
  • You can repeat the above steps with different mail ids and read your favorite articles without any limit.

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Method 4: Survey Junkie

Along with SurveyJunkie ,you can instantaneously get a Free Premium Account along with gift cards, cash and much more. All you have to do is sign up using this link.

Perform the following steps:

  • Just open the link given and follow the steps present on that page.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie
  • And that is all!
  • You can obtain as many accounts as your heart desires! So, go berserk!

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Method 5: Free Trial Method

Upon going to the home page of Hulu, “START YOUR FREE TRIAL” link is seen on the top right side of the page. Clicking it takes to a page where we need to fill out all details, including our payment details (even if we don’t intend to continue after the trial), after which we are free to browse the media content available and start viewing.

Method 6: “EDIT THIS COOKIE” Method

  1. Add the extension “EDITTHISCOOKIE” from the Chrome Web Store to your own Chrome.
  2. Log into your Hulu account and click on the EDITTHISCOOKIE extension.
  3. Copy the code shown and click on the green tick mark.
  4. Coming back to the Hulu account page, again click on the EDITTHISCOOKIE extension and go to the “Import” tab on the top of the extension window.
  5. Paste the already copied paste and click on the tick button.
  6. Refresh the Hulu account page, and you are now ready to use a Free Hulu Account.

Method 7: Nulled.to Method

  1. Open the page www.nulled.to and create a Free Hulu Account. This method cannot be completed without that.
  2. Scroll below on the page to find the link “Leaks”.
  3. Click on Movie Watching Site Dumps.
  4. You will now see a page with a lot of results from which you have to click on any one which has HULU in its name.
  5. Type “ANYTHING” in the hidden content boxes which show up.
  6. You will now see a whole list of free Hulu accounts and their passwords.
  7. Go to Hulu and try using these usernames and passwords to log in. The other details in the profile page can be updated as per your wish later.


Hulu is the place to go to for viewing ongoing series or for digging out an old classic from the deep treasure trove of media library maintained by them. So, whether you’re a contemporary who likes to be abreast of all that’s there available, and all caught up at what’s the hottest pick of them all, or you’re more of a classic person and believe that there is no series of today which can even hold a candle next to those of the glorious 90s, Free Hulu Account, undoubtedly, invariably, is the place to go to.


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