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Like other online learning platform like Chegg, Course Hero is a place where one can access over 20 million course-specific study resources. These materials have been contributed by a community of students and educators. Basically, it is a vision of students and educators coming together to educate people on specific courses in a vast library. One can access course hero with the help of Free Course Hero Account provided in this article.

You can find practice problems, study guides, class notes, videos, and step-by-step explanations of problems for every subject that you want to study; be it economics or literature, biology or history, accounting or psychology, and everything in between. These resources are contributed by community members which make up of Ph.D. recipients, educators, and students alike.

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Features of Course Hero Accounts

  • It has wide collection of study resources and Course Hero tutors available 24/7.
  • You can provide your own course documents.
  • They also provides scholarship for people in Course Hero.
  • By sharing on social media with your friends, you can get a scholarship for $5000
Top Courses Offered
Top Courses Offered
  • You can upload any eight documents of yours and get a scholarship for $3000
  • By answering simple short questions, you can get a scholarship for $1000.
  • You can achieve the premier membership in the following three ways:
    •  1 year membership at $9.95 per month or billed in one installment of $119.40
    •  3 month membership at $19.95 per month or billed in one installment of $59.85
    •  1 month membership at $39.95 month or billed in one installment of $39.95.
Free Course Hero Account
Free Course Hero Account

How to Get Free Course Hero Account [10 Ways]

A free Course Hero membership includes paying per question to the tutors that are available 24/7 and the ability to browse study documents in its library. Course Hero also provides premier memberships for one month, three month, and year-long with money charges. You can obviously use some free PayPal cash here. With a Course Hero membership, you get access to all the features but if you want to obtain a free premium subscription for Course Hero then here are the steps for you.

Method 1: Course Hero Free Account List

Some websites across the internet provide free accounts username and password. The owner of the Free Course Hero account who shares details gets credit of 10-20 cents each time someone uses the account, usually by watching an advertisement.

Method 2: Free Course Hero Account With Swagbucks

Along with Swagbucks ,you can spontaneously get a free Course Hero premium account. All you have to do is sign up using this link.

Perform the following steps:

  • Signup on Swagbucks utilizing your personal email id.
  • You will get a confirmation email after a few moments, click on the verification button.
  • Once that is done, a bunch of tasks will pop up and you can complete any of them.
  • Once the needful is over, the Course Hero free account will instantly be sent to your account.
  • You can obtain as many accounts as your heart desires! So, go berserk!

Sign Up for Swagbucks Now  

Method 3: InboxDollars

InboxDollars, a platform which allows you to get the free account with the help of gifts, cash cards, and bonuses. The steps to be followed are:

  • A verification link will be sent to your mail click on it.
  • You can repeat the above steps with different mail ids and read your favorite articles without any limit.

Sign Up for InboxDollars Now   

Method 4: Survey Junkie

Along with SurveyJunkie ,you can instantaneously get a Free Premium Account along with gift cards, cash and much more. All you have to do is sign up using this link.

Perform the following steps:

  • Just open the link given and follow the steps present on that page.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie
  • And that is all!
  • You can obtain as many accounts as your heart desires! So, go berserk!

Sign Up for Survey Junkie Now   

Method 5: Basic Membership

Course Hero offers a Basic Membership which is free of cost as well as a paid Premier Membership. In this account you can access the Course Hero library and purchase Tutor Questions. Although with course hero trial you will be unable to fully view or download the study documents.

Sign up on Course Hero
Sign up on Course Hero

Method 6: Upload Some Study Documents to Course Hero

You can upload course content in this website. If you do so, you can obtain a Free Course Hero Account and a free membership that way. You have to provide original documents and are completely owned by you. Providing documents that are copied from some other source will lead to rejection. The checking code will perform a quick check on the text in your document. If it doesn’t match any content already present in its database, it will be accepted. Therefore, as the Free Course Hero Account is a little strict on their quality, you have to be careful.

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Thus helping you to know how to view course hero documents for free. You will receive 5 unlocks on successfully uploading 10 documents. It might take up to 3 days to reward you. You have to keep in mind that if your content is incorrectly tagged or poorly written you will not get credit and chances are there that your account will be banned from Course Hero.

Method 7: Create a Quiz after Unlocking A Document

For this method, you have to unlock a single document as the requirement is minimum of only one document. Once you have unlocked a document, you can create a quiz and get a reward of 3 unlocks on the site after your quiz is examined and approved by the team.

The best thing about this method is that you not only receive a Free Course Hero Account but also Course Hero premium content at zero cost within just one hour after you successfully upload a quiz. There is a one-time reward for this method and is available only for the first time you successfully upload a quiz.

Method 8: Rating Content for Free Content on Course Hero

If you don’t have or don’t want to upload study documents and you have no idea for a quiz to create, then you can earn some free points for course hero login free by simply rating the content already present in it. Every tutor provides answer to the questions and if you like that particular answer then, you can give it a thumb’s up and if you don’t like, you can give it a thumb’s down.

Study Material available on Course Hero
Study Material available on Course Hero

After you have earned five different ratings in total, you can then get a  Course Hero unlock for free. It takes just an hour to receive your unlock after completing 5 ratings, but they need to be legit ratings and not just spam.

Method 9: Refer a friend

There is another easy way to get a quick Free Course Hero Account. You can refer your friends and get certain amount. The easiest way to refer people is to share your referral link on your facebook, twitter, or Instagram ID. You can also get more creative by spreading the course hero account share link automatically to forum and blog comment sections by making a web robot. For every successful referral you get $25 in tutor credits.

Method 10: Plugins and Extensions to Unblur Course Hero Documents

There are some extensions that are used to unlock documents that are blurred. You can search for such plugins and unlock the blurred documents.

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Final Words

The online learning sites prove out to be quite beneficial for college as well as school students. Not only does it help you with your assignments and exams but also an opportunity to be a tutor. Hope this answers your question of “How to unblur course hero“. Paying huge amounts for accessing the course material might not be easy for folks. So, they can follow all the methods mentioned above to get Free Course Hero Account and certainly some or the other method will work.



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