How to Cancel HBO NOW Once You’re Done Binge Watching


We’re all biased towards movies and TV series when it comes to choosing our favorite pastimes. Aren’t we? And why not? We spoil ourselves for choice because there is so much to watch. We can’t even name everything new each time. The list goes on and on. Not to mention, the ones rewatched over and over again, but later we must cancel HBO NOW subscription to increase our savings.

Remember how different things used to be?

If you are someone who was born in the ’90s, there were less of these fresh new concepts to hook us to the screens: no or very less spellbinding graphics. No talking dragons, spitting fires from their mouths, no scary-looking mages and witches, bent over their cauldrons and brewing magic and spells. 

But it all has turned over its head now. 

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Now, there are the big winged dragons with horns and teeth as large as one human arm, chanting spells and firing red hot flames. There are psychopaths with ingenious murder ideas and cops failing miserably to catch them.  

There are unrealistic friendships and stories of marriages lasting less than three months — all of this and so much more.

To cash on our craze and to satiate our hunger for magic and crime and thrill, channels and services leave no stone unturned.


HBO NOW is also one such service by the celebrated HBO channel. It’s the same HBO, to which we turned to when we were all weary out of our minds after filling out our hearts with Disney. It always had something up its sleeve to thrill us out of our senses.

Here, we are relieved to say that nothing has changed. Each time the madness comes with a new release. Besides, the pricing strategy tweaks a bit to maximize profits.


What is HBO up to Nowadays?

Well, it has decided to extend the services to two variants. The first one, it is free for you, if you have a subscription to HBO, which is less likely if you are a GOT fan. How many times have we canceled it after an episode/season of Game of thrones got over?

Its like 5 dollars a month for HBO. But its counterpart will take a massive chunk of money out of your pocket every month, standing at 15 dollars roughly.

So, if you are not a binge-watcher or a fanatic, then you’d probably like to cancel the HBO NOW subscription after you’ve had your fill of GOT

Also, those who have trust issues, and are in quite a hurry to cancel HBO NOW after what we saw in GOT finale, this one is for you guys too.

Top 3 Methods to Cancel HBO NOW Subscription Pack

Whichever your reasons are, the following reasons explain and count all the ways through which you ought to cancel HBO now for you. So be alert and attentive and keep your writing pads ready if you have to, for, it is no piece of cake, as are some of the others in this business.


One tricky part to cancel HBO now is this condition. You have to be aware of how you subscribed to the service in the first place. Let me walk you through the steps:

  1. Access your app.
  2. There are three horizontal bars on the top.
  3. Click them, and check your information about billing.
  4. There you will see a message which will tell you the origination of your subscription pack. This piece is the key to the other steps.

You don’t have to go through this if you’ve had this figured out (obviously).

Using HBO NOW Itself

If you had gotten this service from HBO NOW, and you wish to cancel HBO NOW subscription, you’re in luck, and it cannot get more comfortable for you. All you have to do is turn the automatic renewal of the subscription to “off.” You might be thinking, “Is it that simple?” 

Yes, it is. Not so much for the other users, perhaps.

Using Android Phones 

Are you a part of that majority of the population using android operated smart-phones? Yes? You’re, then most probably familiar with your Play store? Because that is what we are going to use to cancel HBO NOW. You ask how? Let us see:

  1. See that colored, right faced triangle application on your phone? That is Google’s play store, where you can get apps, books, music, etc. for your phone. Click to open it.
  2. You will see a button having three small straight lines, click now to expand the menu.
  3. There will be an option labeled subscriptions; you can spot it right away. Click it when you do. It will take you to another one of the pages.
  4. There, among all others you have, your HBO NOW subscription will be enlisted. Click the button that allows canceling the HBO NOW. Affirm it if it asks. That is all. Not too complicated, I hope?

Let us go on to the next one.

Using Apple Products

If you envy to watch all the fascinating HBO shows on your iPhones or you scroll the timeline tentatively on your sleek iPad or buzz around your lazy hours on your Macbook in search to cancel HBO now, then we are here to help. 

Here is how you can save those extra bucks to get yourself a new pair of gym wear or some days worth of coffee from Starbucks:

  1. Firstly, sign in your Apple account by filling the credentials and proceed to further settings once done.
  2. Once here, hit the option that allows you to manage them.
  3. It will take you through to another part, where all the current subscribed services enlist with various editing alternatives.
  4. Find the location of your HBO now subscription. Choose the edit plan. Select and affirm to yes if it asks to cancel your HBO subscription.


Having made sure you have completed these steps, you can at least stop worrying about this particular deduction from your credit card.


Therefore, these were some methods bound to come in handy if you are bored and lazy enough to cancel HBO NOW or just because your favorite show is off the air. There is nothing like some extra money spared, is there? If you think so too, then you can go on and use one of these super-reliable methods to cancel HBO NOW and use those dollars to get your morning fix of caffeine, maybe?

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