Top 3 Ways To Cancel Chegg


Everything nowadays done over the phones or computers or laptops, that means on our several gadgets. Instead of physical books, people have a kindle or e-books. They do prefer those to actual books, they don’t carry any extra weightage, and they have back-lights so that you can read/study with blankets over your heads. This eventually led to the invention of “Chegg.” It is an online studying portal for students all over the globe, no matter what you are studying. It was first introduced around 15 years back in the state of California. In this article you’ll get complete information to cancel chegg.

A Lil More On Chegg

It provides e-books of every subject imaginable, complete references, answers to tricky queries, arnd poblems. Chegg also gives you the option of renting books. So, either you are broke, or you don’t want to purchase a costly book, that you will need only once either way, Chegg is your answer.

What more, it has online tuitions, all-day-everyday help, and it goes to the extent of providing with checking your assignments for plagiarism.

Coming to the price for all of this, it stands at approximately 15 dollars for a month.

How Do I Cancel/Discontinue Chegg | 3 Methods To Discontinue Chegg

Ok, so, I know I just counted all how Chegg fascinating and helpful. But still, if, and ever, you need to cancel Chegg, know that you have come to the right place.

You may have your reasons for canceling Chegg. It may be that you have completed your course/study, so you don’t need it anymore or that you have all the material you needed, so why to pay all the money then?

Whichever might be your reason, I am going to help you to understand how to cancel Chegg, naturally.

There are three methods to go about it, corresponding to one of the three scenarios that may exist.

1st SCENARIO : Android user.

2nd SCENARIO : Official website.


3rd SCENARIO : IOS user

You might be using Chegg on your mobile phones operated on android or your Iphones. Also you might be someone who does it directly from their website. We have answers for all of you. Let us proceed to the “how” part?

For Android Users:

If you have an android smartphone and you want to cancel your Chegg subscription, I am here to help you out with it. I have explained the steps below:

  • As all apps are installed from the famed Play store. It will get us through with canceling Chegg too. Click it and Open it. 

Hitting the button situated on the far top left, in the list, you will spot an option, with the Subscriptions label on it. Hit that one next.

  • When you have accomplished all this, you will be able to see the Chegg option.
  • Now, find the button that will allow you to cancel Chegg. Having seen it, affirm it by clicking the option that asks you if you do want to cancel or not. This will lead to the completion of your motive.

Using Official Website:

The second method of how you can cancel Chegg gets you the answers in case you want to do it from their official website, which is Here is how you can achieve your purpose:

  1. Open your web browser. Search the web with the link given above. It will direct you to their website.
  2. You need to enter your credentials and get into your account. Then go to the part that hosts the settings of subscriptions.
  3. Therein, you can spot the option of canceling Chegg that you have been seeking.
  4. Hit that option, mention whatever reason you have, or choose one from the list, if you can’t think of any.
  5. You will receive the confirmation in a while.

 For The One With iPhones:

The last but not the least is the way how those of you lucky enough to have iPhones can cancel your subscription of Chegg.

The procedure will divide into steps for the sake of clarity and ease:

  • For canceling Chegg, open iTunes, remember to get into your account, using your details, you won’t be able to proceed without that.
  • Now, open your panel that resides all the settings, therein go to the one that permits you to manage/organize your subscriptions.
  • Once here, turn off your automatic renewal of Chegg. By doing this, the app will not renew its subscription from you, starting next month. Hence, cancels the Chegg for you and serving your purpose, thereby.
  • Affirm it, lastly, and boom you’re done — no more deductions from your credit card for this specific purpose.


Having covered this, allow me to clear a few ambiguous topics.

 Pausing a subscription and Canceling one is NOT the same thing!!

These two are often confused for one another by a lot of folks out there. When you pause it, it gets halted for a period that you specified. It starts deducting money once that period is served.

On the other hand, its counterpart halts all the services permanently. This includes the money aspect, as nothing deducted after canceling.

So, this was all about how you can cancel Chegg. I hope this will help answer all queries related to the same.


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