Top 3 Recommended ways to allocate more RAM to Minecraft


Minecraft is one of the most entertaining and relaxing games of all time. It is a lot of fun to play. Teenagers like to play this game a lot. But what if your good going experience suddenly shatters? The same happens with a lot of gamers. To avoid these shattering experiences, we present top 3 recommended ways to allocate more RAM to Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game with simple visual graphics. Still, it can be considered as a pretty heavy application as it has a lot going at the back. Minecraft has mods packs, which can change your gaming experience as a whole, and make it a lot better.

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Putting mod packs to the game needs RAM. If not provided by the launcher, it can lead to crashes, errors, and other hindrances and worsen your experience. But no worries! Here you’ll get to know several simple and amazing tips and tricks on how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft.

How to know the available space for RAM?

But first things first, you need to know if you have some RAM to utilize so that you can use it for Minecraft or not. What if you don’t have enough RAM. To eliminate such a problem, at first check the size of RAM available. You can quickly check it in the settings of your system.

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Go to the ‘Start’ button on the home screen. As you click on it, you will see the option of settings. Once you click on the button, you will go to settings. There you can select the ‘About’ option, where you will see the total amount of RAM and the RAM that has not been used by your system yet, i.e., the amount of RAM that you can allocate. Make sure about the 4 GB RAM spare, as to allocate more RAM to Minecraft. Now proceeding to the ways to allocate more RAM to Minecraft, here are the best three from several ways.

Allocate more RAM to Minecraft with Launcher

1. Direct yourself to Minecraft launcher and choose the version in which you want to play.

2. Now on the home of the launcher, you’ll see an option ‘Installations,’ click on it.

3. As you click on ‘Installations,’ you’ll get to see a list of different versions of the game. Find the name of the version you want to play and select the three dots given on the right of the version you chose, and then click Edit.


4. After you click Edit, the next page appears. Here, select ‘More options,’ and as you scroll down, you will be able to see ‘JVM Arguments.’

5. In JVM Arguments, there will be some codes written.

6. Once you see the coding, you’ll notice a numeral written at the end of coding, that is the amount of RAM the game is using.

7. Now change that numeral to the size of RAM you need to allocate to Minecraft in total.

8. As you have changed the size of RAM that needs to be assigned to the game, in the end, save the changes you made and launch the game, and you are good to go.

Now, you’ll have a better experience altogether while playing with more RAM allocated to it.

Allocate More RAM to Minecraft with Java

  1. In this method, first, you need to update the JAVA program of your system to the latest version. Go to the link and download the newest version of JAVA by clicking on the ‘Download’ button on the page.
  2. Now in your system, open the Minecraft server directory. You can search for it too. Once you find it, open the folder.
  3. Once you’ve opened the folder, create a new text document in the folder. You can do it with a right-click. Right click to select the option ‘new’. Select the ‘Text document.’
  4. Now open the text document and copy the following text,

java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true



  1. As you can see “####” in the code, change it to the value of RAM you want to allocate to Minecraft. Note: write the size in Megabytes. For example, to allocate 2 GB write 2048.
  2. Now, save the text file with the name of your choice. Assure to change the file extension to ‘.bat.’ 
  3. After saving the file, start the game with the new file, i.e., run the new file to start the game.

Now the game will start with having RAM of the size you wanted to allocate.

Allocate more RAM in Minecraft with a different launcher

You can download a launcher named Twitch from google. Click on the link given below.

With this launcher, you can launch different mods in the game. You can go to different worlds. It is one of the best solutions for this game.

  1. Launch Twitch. At the home screen, you will see three horizontal lines on the top, click on the lines, and select files.
  2. As you direct towards files, go to settings.
  3. After clicking on settings, select Minecraft. Scroll down. Click on JAVA settings.
  4. You will be able to see the option ‘Allocated memory. From there, you can easily increase the size of RAM.
  5. Move the slider, which is given to the right as you want to allocate more RAM to Minecraft. As you slide to the right, the size of RAM will increase by 0.25 GB with every slide.
  6. Prior to the above process, go back to the Mods. Thereby, click on Minecraft. Now, the game will run smoothly.


The task is now complete. You have successfully allocated more RAM to Minecraft. You may use the ways mentioned above as per your suitability to allocate more RAM to Minecraft. Precisely, enjoy the enhanced gaming experience than before as it is time to enjoy the most lovable game by every age group, i.e., Minecraft, to the fullest.

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